Aster Garden 創立於2019,專為當代品味的女性們設計製作白紗與各類型禮服,


同時、提供客製化訂製服務,針對每位顧客場合需求與個人偏好,進行量身打造之設計。Aster Garden讓每一位女性耀眼又自信地迎向充滿愛戀、幸福的關鍵時刻。



Aster Garden is established in 2019, mainly provides bridal gown and cocktail dress for the modern fashion forward women. Pursue vitality graceful through the varies bloom shape expression in designs.

By the selected lace, fabric whilst classical bead embroideries emphasising, Aster Garden intents to deliver the feminine elegance but with attitude. Meanwhile, it offers customisation service to satisfy the female wear request in occasions. 

Aster Garden accompanies women at those love crucial moments, making them striking and confident, as well as expects to go alone with her to explore the further adventure.